Already a member? Register for new classes through your Customer Portal! ​
Look at the steps below and click on the button when you are ready! 

Step 1:
Select "View in Customer Portal"

Step 2:
Select your child from the student list.

Step 3:
You can filter class options with days of the week.

Step 4:
Select the appropriate class for your child and click "add to cart". Please note you will not have to pay for any classes at this time. The price is just for information purposes. 

Step 5:
Once you have added all your classes select "Checkout". Your registration will then go through to the office for processing. You will receive a confirmation email once registration is formalised. (No payment needed at this time)


Step 6:
You can use your portal to update contact details, add new children and view invoices. Take the time to update any changes to your profile.